14th International Detonation Symposium


UPDATE: The manuscripts from the 14th International Detonation Symposium are no longer available online. The Proceeding from the 14th and earlier Detonation Symposiums can be purchased. Information on how to purchase these proceedings can be found from the Past Proceedings link on the main page of this website.

Manuscripts should be completed and uploaded by the manuscript acceptance deadline of Friday, March 12, 2010. This symposium runs on the rule that if there is NO MANUSCRIPT there is NO PRESENTATION.

All manuscripts are to be to cleared for unlimited-distribution publication before uploading. Uploading manuscripts that are not cleared for unlimited distribution or uploading incomplete/partial manuscripts, may result in the cancelation of your presentation and removal of your paper from the Proceedings.

For further instructions on preparing manuscripts, document template, publication clearance form, etc. go to "Manuscript Instructions" link below.

UPDATE: The expiration date for manuscript uploads has been extended to 5:00 pm EDT March 22nd. If you require assistance with your account (forgotten password, locked account, etc.), please email IDS2010HelpDesk@sainc.com. To ensure the quickest resolution of your problem, please ensure your email provides your name, email address, manuscript control number, and a brief description of your problem.

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Manuscript Instructions