Local Area Manuscripts



Upload Instructions

Manuscripts are due on or before 2 July 2018.

Formatting Your Manuscript

  • Follow instructions in the template file below for specific formatting.
  • There is an 8 page limit for poster presentations and a 10 page limit for all other presentations.
  • Please write your manuscript so that it is suitable for public release. The primary author will be asked to agree to a Public Release Statement pertaining to your manuscript and presentation as one of the Author Tasks in the Presenter Portal.

Download the Microsoft Word Manuscript Template (.docx)

Uploading Your Manuscript

  • Please upload one document per submission (either PDF or Word).
  • If there are two or more authors for your paper, please select one author to upload the file to avoid accidental file overwrite.
  • Remember, manuscripts are by 2 July 2018.

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Questions? Email info@intdetsymp.org

or call 410-992-7302 or ext. 215 (Shelley Cohen)